Japanese Convenience Stores How I love πŸ’• thee!

Let me count the ways…

1. Passport photos- Realize you need passport photos at 9pm the night before your flight? 7-11 can print them for 200Β₯ (about $2)

2. Bill Pay- Need to pay your gas and electric bill on a Sunday night ? 7-11 can do that

3. Tools – Need a tiny Phillips head screwdriver to assemble IKEA furniture? Lawson’s has a fabulous screwdriver kit

4. Cold Food- Need breakfast & lunch for a whole day of waiting for Amazon deliveries? Family Mart

5. Hot food- need a hot dinner on a winters day but can’t figure out your personal microwave? Any of them will heat your food purchases up for you & provide eating utensils!

Need an excellent chocolate chip cookie? Lawson’s

Want to try a churro donut? 7-11

Want popcorn? Family Mart’s is best

Godiva hot chocolate? Lawson’s

You name it and I’m fairly certain you can find any day to day items at a conbini (the word used for convenience stores in Japan)!

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