Edu-Ventures in Okinawa

Hooray for Fall Break! I was in desperate need of an escape from the concrete jungle and some friendship. My days in Okinawa were full of nature & fellowship!

Bethany and I lived on the same hall during our Freshman year at Harding, but we haven’t seen each other since I graduated (insert “It’s a Small World After All” song here). We have mutual friends and Facebook that have kept us connected. I think we talked non-stop during all our waking hours together catching up & sharing memories! After almost 3 months of “getting to know you” conversations it was wonderful. I also shared lots of laughter with her daughter as we tried to stump each other with the most difficult tongue twisters said 10 times fast.

I spent 3 packed days seeing as much as possible, but I still feel like I need a second trip to see more! I have narrowed this post down to my favorite 5 activities in honor of my 35th birthday in my 35th country.

5. Fish Pedicure – this makes the list because I laughed SO much & I never would have tried this on my own!

4. Aquarium- seeing whale shark feeding time

3. Pancakes in the American Village with sea view

2. Sushi go-round: my birthday dinner was also my first conveyor belt sushi! We tried so many different things & had fun waiting for the orders to come to our table. We ate over 12 plates & each had a dessert 😋🍣

1. Cape Manzamo- this was the dose of natural beauty I had been craving! The weather was perfect & the views were gorgeous

Stay tuned for my top 5 from Ishigaki!

One thought on “Edu-Ventures in Okinawa

  1. I am thinking I would try a fish pedicure. I have heard of this before but have never tried. Thanks for trying an posting the experience.


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