Re-learning Life Skills

Starting life in a new country or state every few years is an exciting adventure full of opportunities, but it is also a challenge.

It is hard to feel like a confident professional adult when you don’t know how to take a hot shower or dispose of your garbage. But… re-learning those essential life skills teaches humility and grace in a way few other experiences can. Asking for help, trying & failing & trying again, and taking risks are all uncomfortable skills essential to expat life.

Thankfully in any of the small moments where the learning curve seems a bit overwhelming (e.g. Banking) I’ve been blessed by encouraging colleagues. How did anyone survive expat life before YouTube? I’m SO thankful for all the videos explaining Japanese bathrooms, washing machines, air conditioning, and fish grills.

So today I’m celebrating small victories- I paid my electric bill this week, I found quinoa & oats & raw sugar & almond milk, I visited a new church, I tried new restaurants, and I survived the first week of school!

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