My Daily Commute

From home to work… this is all I’ve seen for the past 12 days. Play your favorite musical soundtrack or the newest “Emma”version on Audible & it will be like we took a walk together!The vending machines closest to my apartment are mostly cigarettes, but the last machine is drinks & happens to carry Dr. PepperThe garden shop across the street from my apartment I love all the lanterns along my street this weekThe Santa Claus day care? I can’t decide if this is more creepy or cuteI have an official commuter pass for the train which is called an IC cardWarning against rush hour train crowds- some mornings I wake up early and sometimes I know just how sardines feel…or I take the local train instead of the crowded express train (I am usually on the train between 7:04 – 7:20)Up the stairs  & escalators past another card scanner to more vending machines- my favorite one at this station is full of ice cream…somehow 7:30 never seems like the right time to try it outFollow the signs down a long hallway/ wind tunnel, up an escalator to exit 4

There are lots of escalators and stairs in Tokyo train stations (and shopping buildings too)This week has called for morning tea & the side benefit of a stroll through the green space near Starbucks

No Bosphorus views on my commute this year… just this

I cross the street and walk past these businesses and apartments just before I arrive at school- the number of electrical lines is impressiveI’ve arrived at school… time to work 10 hours and do this again in reverse

2 thoughts on “My Daily Commute

  1. Love the pictures, Emily. Keep them coming. It always reminds me of the travels Randy and I took during our stay in Saudi Arabia.


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