Eduventures in Tokyo’s Winter Illuminations

I read several “top” lists of Tokyo’s Winter Illuminations before embarking on my own quest to see as many as possible. I have given the 2018/2019 illuminations my own ranking… keep reading to see my very favorite!

#7. Ebisu Garden Place
#6. Roppongi Hills
#5. Tokyo Dome- You have to hunt around a bit to find the 5 different light displays
#4. City Center- the light show set to music was pretty impressive! Lots to see at this location.

#3. Omotesando – I love this street of white lights, but can’t seem to find my photos

#2. Caretta Shiodome Illumination- my friend Kate and I saw this lights show on a night where the “Frozen” soundtrack was featured
#1. Marunouchi Illumination- I just love white lights!

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