What is Saving my Life Right Now

Another blog I read challenged people to make a list of positive things saving your life right now in the middle of winter. I love making lists and trying to be more positive so here it goes…

  • Sunny Winter Days– Tokyo is fantastic in January! Most days have clearly sunny skies despite the cold & wind.
  • My ear warming headband– I hate cold ears & hat hair so…
  • Hot Beverages– I love weather that calls for all kinds of tea and cocoa. My current favorites are Trader Joe’s salted caramel hot chocolate and Starbucks English Breakfast Latte. Though honestly I enjoy just drinking a mug of hot water some days.
  • More exercise- I added pilates to my weekly routine (I already go to a weekly Yoga class at school) and I am tracking my goal to take more steps on the weekends
  • Learning how to use my Japanese appliances– I turned a corner in culture shock this month and have really tried to learn how to use my appliances. I can use my microwave without Google Translate and I’m experimenting with the oven features. I have used my rice cooker twice! Next I want to learn to set my thermostat!! I am very thankful that other foreigners have created great YouTube videos.
  • Trip Planning!– The research and excitement of planning a trip always helps boost my mood. I had forgotten we had 3 days off for the Mid-Winter/Lunar New Year break… so I enjoy researching my options and I’m planning a trip to Hanoi & Halong Bay!
  • Re-arranging my apartment– I was inspired by a colleagues wife to get rid of stuff that was left behind in my apartment & to truly make the space mine. I sold the couch I hated & the Nespresso machine I will never use. I’ve moved furniture around & finally hung my Rwandan baskets on the wall.
  • Washi tape & My bullet journal – I’m falling more in love with Japanese stationary everyday! This month I have really gotten into washi tape & using it in my bullet journal. I need pops of color in my life!

One thought on “What is Saving my Life Right Now

  1. As always thank you for your blog! When I read about the things you are managing to figure out, it reminds me of our travels and stay at Saudi Arabia.

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