2 days in Obidos

1st 1/2 Day

  • Check in to The Literary Man Hotel- marvel at the floor to ceiling books around every turn
  • Walk the tourist loop inside the walls
  • Visit book stores! I’m on the hunt for The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Portuguese
  • Eat lunch in the garden at The History Man (the vegetable tostada is amazing)
  • Nap and/or read in your room
  • Eat dinner at A Nova Casa Romero (have the mushroom risotto!)

2nd Full Day

  • Breakfast at the hotel in the library 📚
  • Go to the castle and walk up on the old city walls 😬- I don’t mind heights but this was nerve wrecking because there are no guard rails
  • I had planned to do a lot of reading & since it was raining I curled up with a book back at the hotel
  • I had lunch at Jamón Jamon outdoor café which served up a heaping plate of pork, salad, and potatoes for only 10€
  • I walked the old town for a little while exploring back streets
  • I had dinner at my hotel’s restaurant Book and Cook! It was a delightful meal with good live music surrounded by books (the dessert menu came inside a book about British desserts that was interesting)

3rd 1/2 Day

    Breakfast at the hotel
    Early start to walk off the beaten path to the exterior city walls
    I took over an hour long break reading in the shade
    I had the whole area to myself despite the swarms of tour bus groups visiting the town. The only sounds were the birds and my own shoes.
    After another Veggie tostada for lunch I hopped on the bus for Lisbon

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