New Beginnings

First day of work

This was my first week of work at my new school. There is always a lot to learn in a new school and a new country- but COVID protocols adds an extra layer of new learning. EVERYTHING is very different from Tokyo, but I was ready for a change. The school really made an effort to make it a smooth and easy transition with shorter working hours and time to socialize. There are 4 new to Macedonia foreign teachers (including me) and about 7 other new staff members at orientation week. I am working on my first two Macedonian words “Zdravo” and “falla” for hello and thanks.

I moved into my classroom on Thursday and Friday. I have most of my bulletin boards prepared, but I need to learn how to print in color before I add some finishing touches.

Next week I get to meet all the returning staff and begins curriculum training and unit planning. I am excited to get my schedule and class list!!

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Thanks for sharing your new school. When you share, I always thing of our time in Saudia Arabia and the travels we went on.


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