Back to blogging

I’m in Skopje, Macedonia starting a new teaching adventure! I decided that this transition was a great time to revive blogging. I hope to share about life in Skopje and about my travels in the region. I have learned a lot from my previous international moves and that combined with helpful people here in Macedonia has made this transition so much easier.

The view from my balcony

I had phone and internet service on arrival, I arrived directly to my apartment for the next two years, and there was a lovely welcome basket (including some staple foods in the fridge).

I have done a little exploring in my new neighborhood, but I’ll admit that the dry air & heat (over 100 every day so far 🥵) has kept me from going very far. There is a nice mall within walking distance and I can also walk to the river that runs through the city. At the mall, staff have tried to speak English with me as soon as they realize I don’t understand. I found an English menu when I ate lunch out yesterday (sorry I was too starving to take pictures). My landlord and I met yesterday and he was kind enough to drive me past my new school and explain the walking directions.

Walking by the river at sunset

I’m trying to sound out Macedonian words everyday and keep up with my online learning until I can start in person classes.

My language learning notes
Apartment Tour

2 thoughts on “Back to blogging

  1. Congratulations on your new adventure! Macedonia is lucky to have you! Thank you for stating your blog again. I enjoyed reading about the places you go.


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