Packing the Perfect Carry-On

I have read a LOT of blogs and Pinterest pages, people watched at the airport, and talked to other travel minded friends. Here are my top take aways for a packing the perfect carry on!

  1. First you need the perfect tote– anything that zips closed and fits on your shoulder will do. My favorite is a black Longchamp bag I picked up at a market in Istanbul.
  2. Next you will need a travel wallet. This one is from Tchibo- RFID blocking and spots for everything. I especially love the zipper pocket which allows me to easily store the currency I am not using or will need later in the trip. This is MUCH better than just a passport cover because my extra SIM cards, frequent flyer cards, global entry, and copies of other reservations for my trip all fit in one spot.
The perfect Travel Wallet

3. Health- You need to think about hydration. I begin drinking extra water 24 hours before my flight and I drink as much as possible during the flight. I fill this collapsable water bottle up once I am past security and then I can use it throughout my trip as well.  Compression Socks are another way to take care of your body on flights (mine are made by Physix Gear Sport). **wear leggings on your flight to hide the compression socks

Vapur Collapsable Water Bottle

4. Clear bag of travel necessities- My face & hands begin to feel super dry on long haul flights. I always fly with eye drops and hand lotion. Always fly with lotion that has a flip top (I’ve lost a tiny lid under the seat in front of me never to be found again). Wisps are a fabulous solution to wanting to freshen up during your flight. No water required & your mouth will feel like you just brushed your teeth and used mouth wash. Nivea Chapstick is my current favorite. I always pack chapstick in 2 – 3 locations so I always have one near by. I have also recently added earplugs  in a travel case to my clear zip up bag (I upgraded from a quart size ziplock). I don’t wear make-up when I’m flying 8+ hours, but I do often throw mascara into this bag to make me look awake when I arrive at my destination.

5. The “Tech” bag- Using a tote can seem unorganized, but this pouch from Target is perfect. If fits everything I need during a flight and then pops into the seat pocket in front of me. I put in my Kindle Fire, Anker back up battery, RHA S500i earbuds, iPhone cord, Kindle cord, tissues, a snack, gum and/or cough drops, and I always include a blue pen for completing any customs forms.

6. Budget flights don’t include the bag of “welcome treats” so I’ve learned to bring my own eye mask. I read about this one made my Unimi and all the rave reviews are right!

7. This is my favorite travel pillow because it is versatile. It can be worn three different ways & has a cover to protect the pillow from picking up extra germs at security or throughout the airport.

8. Roll up a pair of underwear in an extra shirt and stick this at the bottom of your bag (this has saved me twice when a connecting flight was canceled and when my suitcase was lost) . It is also great to wear or pack an extra large scarf/pashmina that can double as a blanket.

9. Throw your journal and a book in your tote and your ready to take on any travel adventure by train, plane, bus, or ferry!

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