What is Saving My Life in 2022

1. Warm clothes recommended by friends – snow boots and keeping my ears warm are essential! And a friend who used to live in Europe told me about fleece lined leggings 🥰 This Texas girl did NOT know about wearing tights under my trousers or wearing winter socks. Thankfully Japan taught me about Heat Tech!

Thanks Ashley for the boot recommendation! The Columbia hat has reflective insulation that is amazing.

2. Lazy Genius Gift Guide recommendations- I have tried the eye shadow stick, face wash, and chapstick, and Olive & June polish – they are ALL wonderful!

If people are only going to see my eyes (I am required to wear an N95 at work) – they should shimmer

3. Beauty Counter Face Balm- this is my favorite of their products both as an evening cleanser and as an overnight moisturizing mask

4. No more power strip on my bedside table! I picked up this bamboo charging station and it is fabulous for eliminating the tangle of cords and devices.

5. My snowy Mountain View brings me joy and peace every time I see it! I’m so thankful that I ended up in this apartment

6. Warm beverages- I brought back 6 flavors of tea and some hot chocolate which are a beautiful way to start and end the insanely long work days

Not pictured are Clipper English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe Canadian tea, and the Harney and Sons Christmas blend

7. Global friends- in a time where we are once again isolated it is amazing to wake up to voice and text messages from friends and family

8. Journals- writing in this journal every Sunday morning has become a beautiful ritual. I still keep a lovely dotted Leuchtturm1917 for my other thoughts and plans.

9. Soup in the freezer- soup for dinner on a cold night is so very cozy! I learned from a friend in Tokyo to stop eating the same thing every night for a week and to start freezing individual servings that can stretch across the month. In a month of grading and writing reports, pulling soup out of the freezer is a life saver.

10. M&Ms – stress eating is not a habit I would recommend but a handful of M&Ms sure can make a school day less painful. If you have not tried this blend I highly recommend it!

One thought on “What is Saving My Life in 2022

  1. Always enjoy hearing about your adventures. I use laura mercier as well. M&M classic mix is hard to find here. If I do eat m&m it is only a few and then back into the freezer they go. Stay safe and keep posting.


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